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We are Themeitems , a team of enthusiastic, dedicated and innovative Web Designers and WordPress Developer, having enormous skills on HTML, CSS, WordPress, PSD to HTML conversion, Materializecss framework, PHP and javascripts programming with a responsive design over two years.

We have an astounding and solid foundation on Web Design/WordPress Development sector. We are confident that, our skills, creative insights and qualifications will be helpful to reach your required target.

We have worked differet types of projects including e-commerce sites, directory sites, newspaper sites, photo sharing sites, Blogs, informational sites as well as personal portfolio sites in last two years and still continuing..

“Quality of Work" is our commitment and “Satisfaction of Client" is our main objective.

A perceived master

Our experience and innovative abilities made us a perceived master in the field of website design and development


We are diversified in HTML, WordPress, PHP, Javascript, CSS, SASS which made us a team of standalone developers to meet your required target within the specified timelines.

Your long term partner

We can be your long term partner because working on big and robust projects is one of our most loved decisions to work.

Take a Look at Our Service

Underneath focuses are the most well-known and most important fields to make a completely functional website. With a proper combinations of these fields, any website can be built and that's the reason why should you hire us. We are a fantastic goal oriented team and we have more than 2 years of working experience that increased our knowledge and practical skills more shinning and thus can obviously meet your requirements for completion of a successful project.

Wordpress Development

Full control on WordPress site installation, customization, modifications, demo content setup of premium themes. Additionally, we can create fresh themes from scratch as per your requirements, including business oriented custom posts/plugins and meta fields creation and finally can deliver you with sufficient documentations.

Website Re-design

If you are thinking for a re-designed website, We can be your solution. We have practical experiences as well as creativity in mind that will definitely help you to have a completely/partially new looking, latest design oriented website, keeping all the earlier functionalities still available.


In the event that you have a PSD template or any sort of design in mind for your website and trying to convert that into a webpage, then we are the developers you are searching. We can create pixel perfect websites from PSD templates or from any other types of graphics source with W3C code standardization and validation.

Bootstrap & Material Design Framework Expert

Now a days, almost all of the themes in the marketplace has a base of bootstrap or materializecss framework. As a specialist, we can serve all of the front-end functionalities using bootstrap or materializecss framework that is suggested by google.

Responsive Web Design

You don't need to build different websites for different devices. We can create your websites that will be perfectly fitted for any types of devices including desktops/notebooks/tablets/smartphones as well as other screen readers. One website and different solutions! Feel free to contact us for any types of your queries.

PHP & Javascript Development

Without PHP & JavaScript, no one can think of a professional & dynamic websites that can earn money. Depending upon the needs, We can develop or re-use the existing codes for animations as well as develop custom plugins to keep site functionalities smooth and faster.

You have a Vision, We Have a way to Get You there!

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Work Process

Some of our clients showed interest about our work process how we accomplish every projects from the very beginning. What is our procedure? If you also have an interest about this, We would request you to have a look at the below steps that we strictly follow to make every project successful.

Requirements Understanding

Requirements Understanding

This is the first and most important step, We communicate with our client and request him to provide a detail requirements that he is expecting from us and what is his/her final goal. We make everything clear to our client about what we can do for him and what we can’t (though very few!). If there is anything that cannot be fulfilled, we always provide alternate solutions to our client and once we agreed, We set a primary timeline to meet the goal.
Research and Planning

Research & Planning

At this 2nd Step, We do research and develop plans accordingly about how the whole project will be completed by keeping the goal same. And we share our thoughts, findings and additional activities if any, with our clients. Also, if he/she/they has/have any other additional requirements at a later stage, we always keep a seperate portion for those in our planning stage, keeping in mind that every website changes it’s behaviour and design in terms of time in future.

Wireframe & Design

As soon as we got the requirements from our clients and planning stage is over, we collect all the resources from our clients that we will be needed to make the project succesful and also sometimes we provide additional resources that is related to the project and that is we are going to use. After the availabilities of those resources, we do wireframing and designing roughly and after client’s approval, we make ourselves ready to go to the next stage of code development process. arrow
Development and testing

Development & Testing

We start the development process with the tools with love and care, start from scratch (if needed), generate HTML/PHP/Javascripts/Ajax codes to make pages/posts/sliders etc i.e every single parts of the site, maintaining the W3C standards and convert those to a wordpress theme. We keep regular communication with our clients if any changes he/they might prefer at this stage. After completing the whole development process, We do a browser test as well as responsiveness test for every pages to make sure that they are looking perfect for any types of devices including desktops/tablet/mobiles etc. and looks perfect at all of the recognised browsers including Firofox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer , Microsoft Edge etc..

Delivery & Support

So the project is now completed. We deliver the project to our client with sufficient documentation and sometimes with video (if he prefers to have it) so that, he himself can operate the site as well as can do basic modifications in future if needed. Also, we set a timeline with our client to provide all types of support that he will be needed after getting the project delivered from us. This is not the final..we always maintain a good relationship with our client so that we can have an opportunity to work for him in future again...


Overall I am beyond satisfied with the website themeitems have created. They are a mastermind when it comes to WordPress, they are very quick and efficient. They visualized what was in my head and got implemented on the website. I recommend themeitems without reservation.

S.M. Rafiz

S.M. Rafiz

Code Core

I have worked with themeitems on numerous contracts for more than 3 years. They are always been super responsive, efficient, and willing to go the extra mile. Their skills in the areas of PHP and WordPress are on par with the best web developers – anywhere. Thank you themeitems!

Shazzad Al Zaman

Shazzad Al Zaman

Codexin Technologies

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